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Acker Pella english version

What`s Acker Pella ?

A group of young people living and working in a community in a veggie nursery. They started in april 2013, three young women lease an old veggie nursery which was gone rack and ruin and with a lot of waste left behind. Their utopia is to develop as individuals within a community, learn to garden ecologically, fix up the nursery, keep house alternatively and to be politically active against climate change and for environment protection. Nearly 6000qm area, seasonal 2500qm are used for ecological gardening, predominantly vegetables, but also fruits and herbs. What happens with the vegetables? One part is for self- sufficiency, another part is being donated to political camps (for example refugees or climate activists), and one part is for chummy communities in Hannover. Additionally Acker Pella offers vegan catering.

After becoming an incorporated society the Acker Pella e.V. started public relations, to network and cooperate with other registered associations which are engaged in environmental protection. Current partners are: Janun e. V., BUND Jugend e. V., VEN e. V., VNB e. V., EKG e. V. and local community groups. Up to date promoter is LUSH.


We offer environmental education just like seminars for interested and especially for young people . The common topics often agree with our own interests, like how to garden, using old stuff for new ideas (up-cycling), going vegan and how to use our resources in a responsible way. Because of our public relations other corporations invite us to present our conceptuation or ask for a look around (we are also a location for learning and making experiences) as well as for vegan catering. We network, initiate, activate, support and educate.

After findig a certain topic, we start thinking about wether it`s necessary to invite some experts or if we can do it on our own. Then we set a time frame for the seminar (wether it`s gonna take one or two days). Next step is to define the nessecary gear and where to get it. Our educational method includes the global learning method. For example: if we are upcycling stuff, we explain and spread our pro attitude on reusage of resources, discuss the producers` and workers` conditions and what consequences there are for our environment including people. We also include awareness warm ups. We want to create a respectful atmosphere, where the frontiers of each person are being regarded and where its possible and okay to speak about one`s needs. I use other methods and warm up games from this website: http://baustein.dgb-bwt.de/Inhalt/index.html Those methods are non-racist moduls. If we are invited by schools or Kindergardens to do some sustained yield projects or schoolgardenprojects, it is important to us, that the kids and teenies can partake in. They should learn, what they want to learn. We try our best.

What we `ve already done: a lot of seminars funded by Janun e. V. (Jugend aktiv für Natur und Umwelt), for example: vegane praline, upcycling clothes with sewing machine, protecting bees, building a drying furnace for drying vegetables and many gardening seminars. For rescuing the nursery we invite friends and interested people to participate in collective actions. We care for the food, enough tools and the organization. We took part in the Heute@Morgen project funded by VNB e.V. (Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen). Currently we show up in a cookbook by VEN e. V. (Verein für Entwicklungspolitik in Niedersachsen) with the project: “When meat forces hunger”. The cookbooks range varies from how to cook integrated to vegan and introduces local actors as idols.

You can contact us: Acker_Pella@web.de

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  1. Yes, we thought the same. Which tips do you mean? For gardenstuff or upcycling or cooking? Thanks a lot, have a sunny day!

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